Five Things You Can Do When Debt Makes It Difficult to Give Thanks

  • By Jillian Taylor-Mancusi

Thanksgiving is a time when most of us reflect on everything we have to be thankful for. When you’re deep in debt or experiencing financial problems, however, it can be difficult to find reasons or ways to be thankful.

In honor of Thanksgiving, here are five things you can do to readjust your attitude and take control of your debt:

Be grateful for the things that matter.

Most of us would love to have more money, whether it’s to purchase luxury items or simply make ends meet. But as television icon Oprah Winfrey once wisely said, “If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough.” There will always be more tangible things you can purchase or obtain, but most people would agree that it’s the things you can’t buy in life—such as family, friends, and health—that matter the most.

Play the “Glad Game.”

The heroine in the novel Pollyanna is known and loved for her optimistic attitude, even when her life was difficult or it seemed like there was no hope in sight. In the book, her father taught her to play the “Glad Game,” which was to look for the good in every situation and person, no matter how unpleasant they may be.

This may seem simplistic, but focusing on things to be grateful for in any given situation can help you keep things in perspective. For example, let’s say you have put off saving for a home to repay credit card debt. If you find yourself getting frustrated about not being a homeowner, you can be grateful for the fact that you have a place to live at all, or that you don’t have to pay the added expenses that come with owning a home.

Take action.

Debt problems can seem paralyzing at times, but they’ll never go away if you don’t take action. If you don’t have a plan of attack for getting out of debt, sit down and make one. Decide which debts you want to pay off first, and then pay them off by cutting expenses and budgeting for debt reduction.

Explore your options for getting out of debt.

For anyone struggling with money, one thing to be thankful for is the abundance of options that are available to people who need to get out of debt but don’t know how. Debt consolidation, credit counseling, budgeting, consumer proposals, and bankruptcy are all options available to Canadians who want to take control of your debt.

Seek professional help.

If your debt problems are too serious to tackle on your own, don’t wait to seek professional help. A licensed insolvency trustee can help you get your debt under control before it leads to more serious problems, like wage garnishment or ruined credit. A consultation with a trustee is free and can help you learn more about what options are available and which is the best for your situation.

Debt problems can make everything in life seem bleak, but these tips can help you readjust your perspective and learn to be thankful while taking care of your debt at the same time.

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