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LCTaylor, Licensed Insolvency Trustees

Our Goal: To help you find solutions to your debt problems

At LCTaylor, our goal is to educate consumers about all of the options available to those who have serious financial problems.

Whether you have bad credit, can’t pay your bills or are troubled by calls from collection agencies, LCTaylor can help with your money trouble. Put simply, we help you find debt solutions.

LCTaylor is a team of reputable, experienced Licensed Insolvency Trustees who help with everything you need to get out of debt and stay there. We are a local firm, having served exclusively the area of Manitoba and Northwestern Ontario since our inception in 1992. Unemployment, marriage break-up, health problems, or just the demands of everyday life are leaving many people over their heads in debt. That results in wage garnishments, unpaid credit cards and missed loan and mortgage payments. If you are in that situation we can help you recover, get out of debt and move on to a promising financial future.

We’ve been helping people in Manitoba and North-western Ontario since 1992 out of our two offices – in Winnipeg and Kenora.

If you are in Kenora, North-western Ontario or Northern and Rural Manitoba, outside of Winnipeg, we are available to meet with you virtually.

We offer a full array of options including Consumer Proposals and Bankruptcy  Our goal is to help you explore the widest range of possible solutions for your individual financial problem. We can help you with budgeting, stopping a wage garnishment, and rebuilding your credit rating.

Being Licensed Insolvency Trustees sets us apart from organizations like credit counselling agencies, whose options for finding solutions are more limited, as well as less binding on your creditors. This makes us your best choice for getting out of debt and moving on to a bright financial future.


Our company was founded in 1992 by Leigh C. Taylor, when he left an accounting firm where he was a partner.  He had been practicing in Manitoba as a Licensed Insolvency Trustee for several years and found that, in an accounting firm, there were always competing interests. He decided to develop a company whose sole purpose was working with people’s debt problems.

Since 1992, LCTaylor has continued to operate as an insolvency-only firm. We now have four Trustees working within the firm, along with a growing team of highly qualified staff members

In 1994, Mr. Taylor’s daughter, Jillian Taylor-Mancusi, joined the firm. Since then she has earned her license as an Insolvency Trustee, and is now the Managing Partner of the firm. She, Leigh Taylor, our other Trustees, and a great staff of caring professionals, work with our clients to find the best solutions for each unique situation.

Leigh Taylor started off with a vision: to provide the most trusted help center in Manitoba and Northwestern Ontario for people with debt.  To fulfill that vision, we have a mission of helping people get out of debt through compassionate care and professional service.

The values we operate under are:

  • Compassion: managing our relationships with respect and understanding.
  • Integrity: fulfilling our professional and personal commitments with honesty.
  • Professionalism: exceeding standards for our clients and team.


Our staff comes from a wide variety of backgrounds and interests. We have proficiency in several languages besides English, including French, Italian, Cantonese, Hebrew, Croatian, and Russian. Our staff shares a passion for helping people find the right solution to their debt issues.

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