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Doctor, Winnipeg (Email)

“You helped me and my wife and it gave me a different perspective. I had cancer and your understanding alleviated my situation. I was particularly impressed with the people and your professional, approachable manner. I was certainly very satisfied with the service you provided.”


Salesperson, Winnipeg (Email)

“I want to let you know that during this rough period in our lives you have made this whole experience very comforting and bearable. Your knowledge and support do not go unnoticed. You made this easier for us to pull through and we want to thank you for it.”


Ferdi, Winnipeg (Google)

“I met with Mr. Taylor together with my client, the owner of a small rural manufacturing business. The business was in financially dire straits and the owner wanted to dissolve the company. Mr. Taylor pointed out several options to save the company and talked my client out of dissolving the company. We implemented some of Mr. Taylor’s advice and the company turned around and is doing reasonably well and improving steadily. The employment and livelihood of 20 employees were saved!”


Charmaine, Winnipeg (Google)

“Cassie is such a God-sent angel, a light at the end of the tunnel. She just made me see all sides of the issue within a one-hour appointment. I should have gone to her earlier but I guess certain things happen for a reason. Cassie does not even rush me. She really took her time very well to ensure that I am fully informed of all the options. I will highly recommend her!”

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Bankruptcy is complicated, to say the least… But sometimes it’s by far the best option. Initially (I had) a lot of confusion as to the process and legalities. Ultimately everything was resolved and I am happy with the results. Thank you, LCTaylor, for the help.

CS, Winnipeg (Google)


Mil, Winnipeg (Google)

“Very polite staff, explained everything I needed to know. I went into this experience thinking it’s the end of the world if I go through with it, but the way they explain it actually makes you feel better about yourself and about things you need to change in the future. They make you see that there really is a way out.

I suggest that everyone who is losing sleep and stressing about finances should go see them. Might not work for everyone but it’s worth a try, it feels like the weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Thank you LCTaylor. Thank you for the new beginning.”

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David, Winnipeg (Google)

“My experience with LCTaylor has been no less than amazing. Their policy is one of acceptance, and they do not reject anyone. They were friendly, helpful, and most importantly, they accommodated my situation, allowing me to file for bankruptcy at a rate I could afford.

I had been to see a previous trustee at a different company and was rudely turned away because I could not afford the $1700… And was told that even if I could pay, the trustee still might not be interested in taking my case! Needless to say, going to LCTaylor after that terrible experience was a breath of fresh air. Anyone who is dealing with insolvency issues should choose LCTaylor. I literally cannot say enough good things about them, because without them I would be trapped in debt, completely unable to afford bankruptcy! Thanks LCTaylor!”


JK, Winnipeg (Email)

“Dear Leigh, needless to say, after 21 months, we are looking forward to the discharge of our bankruptcy. Before we say “Adieu,” my husband and I would like to tell you how very grateful we are. It is with SO many thanks:

* You answered the phone when our accountant called to ask if you would help us. “Yes!”

* For meeting me near my home to discuss our situation, and for all the information given.

* For coming personally to our apartment for 2 counselling sessions due to my husband’s health.

* For giving our file to the phenomenal Karen. She was always there to help us through.

* For Kate and her fantastic income tax knowledge

* For your pleasant and friendly reception staff”

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L, Winnipeg (Email)

“No question about it. I am so glad that I came to LC Taylor to help me out of a financial problem much bigger than I could handle. Business school didn’t teach me how to go out of business and the first place I went to gave me bad advice. Creditors were still phoning. I thought I’d have a heart attack. I was in tears and almost did the unthinkable.

Then I saw an LC Taylor advertisement and it was like a silver cloud of hope. My life changed for the better on the day I had my first appointment. (It still chokes me up to think how bad it was for me at the time and how uplifting the possibility of help was.) Don’t get me wrong; bankruptcy was really hard but 7 years later, it was so very worth it. I have many regrets about that time of my life but going to LC Taylor was the best decision I ever made.

P.S. I’d like to thank LC Taylor & Co. for giving me back my life and a happier future to enjoy with my grandkids. And don’t worry that people are staring at you when you go into the building. They aren’t; even if they do see you, they know you have made the right decision and you are going to the right place to see professional people who will help you. To LC Taylor & Co., thank you from the bottom of my heart. You really did save my life.”


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