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LCTaylor offers a number of other services:

We aim to help you find solutions to your financial problems. Sometimes the best solution is a Consumer Proposal or a Bankruptcy, but in many cases, there are other solutions that you can achieve on your own, with consultation and advice from our experts. The first step is to book your free initial consultation.

Free Consultations

What to expect

When a client comes into our office for an initial consultation, it is free, and there is no time limit for the meeting. In fact, our Trustees have been known to meet several times with people for whom they have identified an alternative solution to their problems.

We ask that you bring to that first meeting, a list of who you owe money to, with approximate amounts, and some indication of your income. From there, we review with you exactly what your problem is, how you got there, and where you want to go. If a debt solution doesn’t take you further toward your personal goals, it isn’t a solution.

There are many reasons why a Consumer Proposal or Bankruptcy might not be right for you. This is particularly true for people who are what is called “judgement proof” — meaning their situation is such that creditors have no power to collect from them. Our experts will explain how to talk to the creditors when you are in this situation.

Small business owners are also a group that often need help in identifying whether their business is, or could be, viable and whether they want to continue “the good fight”, or are simply ready to let go and move on. Our experts will take the time to work through that with them, and to make suggestions on how to correct the debt problems plaguing their business. They can help the business owner develop a plan for getting out of debt, and through a cash flow crunch. In situations where we can’t help, we can often refer you to someone who can. There is never a charge for these consultations.

free debt or bankruptcy consultation
Sometimes what you really need is someone to look at your financial situation and put you back on the right track when you know that bankruptcy or a proposal is not the right fit for you.

Debt Counselling

Licensed Insolvency Trustees are qualified Financial Counselors.

This means we can help you with money management, budgeting and long-term planning. These tools can be helpful in turning around small money troubles. They are also critical in the reestablishment of your financial well-being, after your debt has been solved.

We can also provide you with the tools to rebuild your credit rating.


When a company is having financial difficulty, it is sometimes necessary to place that company into a Receivership.

This is under the same legislation as a bankruptcy or a proposal, but is another way of liquidating assets to pay back corporate debts. Receiverships are normally done by a secured creditor but they can also be done by the court system.

Our Trustees are licensed to act as receivers when this is necessary.

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