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We offer a number of other services:

Free Consultations

Sometimes what you really need is someone to look at your financial situation and put you back on the right track when you know that bankruptcy or a proposal is LCTaylor Meetingnot the right fit for you.

Our trustees will spend time with you one-on-one, look at your money trouble and find the right debt solutions. This can mean helping you through a cash flow crunch or explaining how to talk to your creditors.

Even if we can’t help, we can refer you to someone who can.



Debt Counselling

Licensed Insolvency Trustees are qualified financial and debt counsellors.LCTaylor

This means we can help you with money management, budgeting and long-term planning. These tools can be helpful in turning around small money troubles. They are also critical in the reestablishment of your financial well-being, after your debt has been solved.

We can also provide you with the tools to rebuild your credit rating.


When a company is having financial difficulty, it is sometimes necessary to place that company into a receivership.

LC Taylor Phone callThis is under the same legislation as a bankruptcy or a proposal, but is another way of liquidating assets to pay back corporate debts. Receiverships are normally done by a secured creditor but they can also be done by the court system.

Our Trustees are licensed to act as receivers when this is necessary.

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