Five Fabulously Thrifty Valentine’s Day Ideas

  • By Jillian Taylor-Mancusi

 valentines day present budget

Last year Canadians spent just under
$40 on Valentine’s Day gifts, and a survey found that about 90% of us thought this amount was just right. But if you have a big heart and a small budget, there are lots of ways to show you care without spending $40 or even any money at all.

Say “I Love You” Without Breaking the Bank

Spending even a small amount of money can make Valentine’s Day special. Here are five great gift ideas that will express your love without ruining your budget.

  • Start a new Valentine’s Day tradition. It’s fun to share something that’s just for the two of you. It doesn’t really matter what it is, as long as it’s something you both enjoy doing together. Sharing a cup of coffee or cocoa while checking out new titles at the bookstore can be just as intimate as dinner at an expensive restaurant. A picnic dinner complete with candles can also become a great tradition.
  • Make it at home.  Replace store-bought cards with handmade ones and make memorable keepsakes that become tiny treasures. Store them in a special box you choose or make together. Add anniversary messages to your box and chronicle your relationship through the years.
  • Journal it.  Create a book filled with favorite love poems, journal entries of favorite moments shared, and tickets and receipts from dates or times spent together. Choose a beautifully bound journal to make your book.
  • Plan a weekend staycation. Fill your room with a few flowers, a bottle of your favorite bubbly drink, and candles. Then check out a local spot you’ve been meaning to visit. The next day make a leisurely breakfast that you can cook together, then snuggle the morning away.
  • Do something nice together—for someone else. A lonely neighbor, an elderly shut in, or friend that needs a lift can be a sweet part of your Valentine’s Day. Cutout and decorate cookies, buy some flowers, or bring a simple meal to share, then spend some time visiting. Your relationship will be strengthened and someone special will feel loved and less alone.

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Keep Your Credit Cards Tucked Away

Valentine’s Day arrives just when you think you have figured out a way to get your Christmas shopping paid for. Although it might be tempting to go into just a little more debt for your special someone, keep those credit cards tucked away.

Money problems are stressful, so avoiding debt and planning for a vibrant financial future together can also be a gift you give to each other this Valentine’s Day. Working together toward a common goal is unifying and will build your relationship.

Make some large paper hearts and write small, easy to reach goals on each. Celebrate together as you accomplish your plans.

Celebrating your love doesn’t have to cost a fortune—it doesn’t even have to cost a thing. Valentine’s Day may be a commercial holiday, but you can make it special without spending at all.

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