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declaring bankruptcy
So, you are thinking of declaring bankruptcy for the first time. Like many people, life’s circumstances have brought you to this place. Whatever the reason, you are reaching out for help. In Canada, bankruptcy is a legal process governed by the Bankruptcy Insolvency Act. It helps debtors who are unable to pay back what they owe. Debtors in
financing post-secondary education
Getting an education is supposed to set you up for life. The higher you climb among the scholarly ranks, the more likely it is that you will be successful. At least that is what we are told. However, no one ever mentions the exorbitant fees associated with striving for a higher education, but believe me the price is
The word ‘bankruptcy’ causes many people to shudder. It shouldn’t really – it’s not the end of the world, nor anything like it. Over 120 thousand Canadians were insolvent last year. For people with significant debt problems, the bankruptcy process can be a great solution. But personal bankruptcy is not your only option. This is why it’s good
How to file for bankruptcy in Manitoba
If you’re reading this post, it’s likely because you have come to realize you have significant or growing debt that you’re unable to deal with on your own. Acknowledging your current situation and seeking out education or assistance is the very best thing you can possibly do to improve your circumstances. For most debtors, the main challenge lies
Bankruptcy Help Today Can Make for a Better Tomorrow
Some people believe that filing for bankruptcy is synonymous with the end of the world as they know it – a complete breakdown of their personal finances. The reality is that bankruptcy is a lot less dramatic than that. It may feel like a significant setback, but bankruptcy can actually improve your situation, solve your unsecured debt problems,
 When you realize that your debt problems aren’t going away, you may end up asking ‘Should I be filing for bankruptcy?’ Your creditors have handed your file to a collection agency. In which case you may have already received letters threatening legal action or wage garnishments. Filing for bankruptcy will stop all of this, provide you a

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