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Interest rates are rising across the nation. And while this can be a blessing for those of us that are savers, plenty of hard-working Canadian debtors are concerned that this will put them only deeper into the red. In fact, according to a recent survey, a whopping 30% of Canadians fear that the rising interest rates will push
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 Life has a way of surprising us. Financial surprises are great when they’re pleasant. However when we realize that our financial affairs are worse than we thought — well that’s another thing. You may have reached this page because you’ve had an unpleasant surprise. Maybe you have received a nasty call from a collection agency or a letter
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If you feel unable to repay the mounting debt you owe your creditors, it’s likely you’ve already considered filing for personal bankruptcy. Perhaps you’ve started missing your mortgage payments, your wages are being garnished, or a creditor has started a lawsuit against you. Maybe you’re just tired of all the collections calls. Whatever the reason, if you’re finally
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There are plenty of false notions surrounding bankruptcy in Canada. We’ve identified the five most common myths and dispelled them in this video. 1. Family and friends will know that I have gone bankrupt If you have filed for bankruptcy in Winnipeg, or anywhere else in Manitoba or Northwestern Ontario, this may be your first concern. You don’t
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If you are a hard working debtor struggling to make ends meet every month as your debt only grows, you’re not alone. Last year, over 125,000 Canadians filed for insolvency. But before you make the decision to file for personal bankruptcy, you’re probably wondering what effect it will have on your financial future. Bankruptcy will adversely affect your
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By Jillian Taylor-Mancusi Thanksgiving is a time when most of us reflect on everything we have to be thankful for. When you’re deep in debt or experiencing financial problems, however, it can be difficult to find reasons or ways to be thankful. In honor of Thanksgiving, here are five things you can do to readjust your attitude and

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