Wondering how to get out of debt fast? Here are five mistakes not to make when in debt. 1. Failing to build an emergency reserve When the unexpected catches you by surprise, don’t reach for your credit card. You’re going to need a different plan in order to get out
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At LCTaylor and Company, Licensed Insolvency Trustees, we are well versed in helping people find solutions to their debt troubles. Many people find themselves overburdened by debt through no fault of their own, because of things such as illness, job loss, or marital breakdown. However, there are a few debt
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Revenue Canada and Unfiled Returns
The Problem: Unfiled Tax Returns A substantial percentage of the problems that Licenced Insolvency Trustees are presented with stem from debts that people owe Canada Revenue Agency (often referred to as Revenue Canada.) Frequently, taxpayers have unfiled tax returns because they fear that there will be substantial taxes owing, and
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Senior Debt Crisis man sitting on bench
Are you experiencing the senior citizen debt crisis first-hand? If so, you’re not alone. Financial debt for seniors is quite common. Thousands of elder Canadians across the nation are struggling to meet their monthly expenses. As a seasoned Licensed Insolvency Trustee with over four decades of experience, Leigh Taylor has
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Can't Pay My Bills
Debt solutions explained Another demand for payment has fallen in your lap – the second this week. You shake your head, with one thought: “I can’t pay my bills.” This is a familiar issue today. If the problem is caused by a short-term cash flow glitch, you may be able
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