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Financial Recovery in the New Normal

  • March 12, 2021

Nearly a year has passed since we were first introduced to a bunch of new and strange terminology all associated with “Covid19”. We wondered, was this the 19th version of this thing? After all, we had heard of Covid before. They also used the ter

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Expert Tips to Protect Yourself From Financial Fraud

  • November 20, 2020

The Government of Canada has designated November as Financial Literacy Month. As Licensed Insolvency Trustees regulated by the federal Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy, LCTaylor is thrilled to participate in this highly worthwhile initiativ

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What Do I Do About My Debt When the Canadian Emergency Response Benefit (CERB) Runs Out?

  • November 14, 2020

If you are a Canadian who has been relying on the Canadian Emergency Response Benefit (CERB) to make ends meet since the COVID-19 pandemic began back in March, you are probably aware that CERB has now ended. The Government of Canada has stated that t

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How to Avoid Financial Difficulty When Good Intentions Leave You Broke

  • October 17, 2020

I have worked with and observed people with financial difficulty for most of my life. What has surprised me most is that your average person who finds themselves in financial trouble is not who you would expect. Sure, there are a few bad apples, who

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The Vicious Cycle of Payday Loans

  • May 12, 2020

What is a Payday Loan? According to the Oxford Dictionary, a payday loan is “a relatively small amount of money, loaned at a high rate of interest on the agreement that it will be repaid when the borrower receives their next paycheck.” Who Uses

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